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Trouble-free Job Board to Find Outsourced Staff in the Philippines

How It Works

STEP 1 Post a Job or Search Resumes
Search for Resumes
Proactively seek for staff with the qualifications you require.
Post a Job
Let proficient and adept workers apply for a job

STEP 2 Find the perfect staff member
– Communicate via simple email.
– Conduct and schedule interviews like you would for a normal staff member.
– Choose the one you find perfect for the job.
– Offer the job. Present and set expectations, work hours and negotiate salary.
– Often, the person you’re interviewing is unemployed and can start to work right away!

STEP 3 Hire and Manage
• Supervise work hours of employees through Timeproof.
• Payment can be sent through EasyPay (remember to pay after they’ve worked for a week, not before they’ve worked).
• This is tax free since you’re not paying any subscription to IAV Consultancy once you’ve hired one of our virtual assistants.
• Master the art of hiring and management of your team.

Before we start with your journey, please read the FAQs:

Ask Us Anything

With a free account, you can post a job and see job applications. It gives you the proposition to find and pre-determine applicants that qualify for the job you posted. Unless you upgrade your account, you won’t be able to see applicants contact information and communicate with them.
Here’s why we don’t offer free trials.
(Free trials wreak havoc on our system. Why? Simply because, free trials often entice freebie job seekers. People who don’t pay have zero consequences for their actions. Allowing zero-commitment, “free-trial” employers into our system would mean jeopardizing our virtual assistants. This leads to a cycle of our virtual assistants asking for down payments in fear of being scammed. That’s why we decided to end that vicious cycle.

On a good note…

After requiring all employers to pay for membership, we noticed a significant decrease in complaints of employer dishonesty since no employer would invest to menace his company.
Workers who trust their employers provide more professional and quality work.
It’s a win-win situation. )

It acts as a safety net both for the employers and our virtual assistants, this way our virtual assistants’ can avoid being scammed while also ensuring clients top-notch quality of work. It’s also how we earn our profit and stay afloat in business. Nevertheless, you are able to look at full profiles and post jobs before paying. By posting jobs you can skim through applications for you to sort people who took interest in the position and if they met the qualifications, however, you need to pay the subscription to be able to communicate with them.

Considering our money back guarantee, there’s actually not much of a risk. If you’re unable to find a virtual assistant that fits the skills you’re looking for, you can ask us for your money back. IVA Consultancy pays great deal of respect to our guarantee.
Additionally, no one likes middlemen and unnecessary markups that’s why we charge up front.

IVA Consultancy offers a justified price. Lower price subscription attracts a number of scammers which leads to amplified hiring competition thus augment low quality employers. We want to nurture good and professional employers, so we could create a healthy work environment both for clients and our virtual assistants.

You won’t have to create an account, it’s simple and easy; we built it right in for you!
You could also opt to use Paypal, Worldremit or Transwise at your convenience. How much you pay is between you and your worker, negotiations are done prior to the project acceptance.

This entirely depends on the result of your negotiation with the worker. Remember that pay should be based on skill set and experience. Salary ranges are codependent on the position it entails. We recommend you to look at a stream of profiles which have the skills you require. Our virtual assistants often put on how much they\re looking for. That will give you an insight of how much you should be paying.

We recommend paying salaried employees because most of our virtual assistants prefer it and we find most of our employers business success rate directly proportional with salaried rather than hourly. Paying hourly equates to being a manager and paying salary is being the CEO.

But the choice depends solely on you. Just make sure that it works out well to you and your worker before hiring them.

Cancellations are hassle-free! Cancelling is built-in right here in our system. It’s there on your online account.

There are a number of ways to cancel your subscription:
· If you linked in CREDIT CARD for your subscription, click ACCOUNT>Billing at the top right corner of the site, then click the cancel link next to your subscription.
· If you opted to pay using PayPal, you need to log in to your PayPal account, find any of the payments to IVA Consultancy, then click the cancel subscription link.
· If you selected a single payment guaranteed not to rebill, you need to upgrade then immediately cancel the subscription.
· Or you can contact us at our
Either way, you still have the upgraded access for the time you have paid for.

Yes! Both are always available to use for free.

Mutual trust between you and your workers is vital for achieving success. At IVA Consultancy, our pool of talents go through a series of courses before being launched as our certified virtual assistants, not only that this ensures high qualified VA’s but it acts as a safety net, because who would throw money and effort by screwing up, right?

We suggest, you give a non-sensitive task at first, then see and weigh how things are going until you’ll be able to build a relationship founded on trust, so later on, you can give them more access.

Employers have unique ways of ensuring that work is done. This is why we made TimeProof easy and accessible if you want to.
We don’t recommend paying our virtual assistants based on their tracked hours, but if it works for both of you, by all means, feel free to use it.

We focus our operations on the benefit of our virtual assistants, training them to be skilled and highly capable VA’s to amplify quality work for our clients.
Our real results can be read through reviews both from our trained virtual assistants and certified employers.

In accordance to Article 5 of the Labor Code of the Philippines, Presidential Decree No. 851, employers both in the private and government sector are required to pay their rank-and-file-employee 13th month pay, a one-twelfth of the basic salary of an employee within a calendar year. It’s separate from a Christmas bonus, and no, you aren’t required to pay this. However, your employees will surely cling to hope for a holiday-season bonus.

It is unfortunate that Filipino virtual assistants’ reputation had been tainted due to the actions of a few individuals. IVA Consultancy believes in the good faith of our certified virtual assistants. We believe that mutual understanding and trust builds strong relationships between VA’s and employees.

Our vision is focused in the best interest of our clients. We guarantee that in the pool of talents we have, who have undergone various training and finished courses before being launched as our certified virtual assistants, you can surely find the perfect suit.
Otherwise, you can let us know and we offer 100% money back.

No. IVA Consultancy is an open resume and posting board. All workers are individual workers that register their own accounts on our website.

· Short term- none.
· Medium, which is an overseas subcontractor doesn’t require any report wages, no unemployment insurance, and you don’t deal with their taxes.

Here are some major differences:

  •         No cut of worker salaries
  •         No markup worker salaries
  •         We don’t meddle between your salary negotiations with the worker.
  •         You aren’t required to pay our workers through us.
  •         We encourage long-term permanent work whereas Upwork encourages the opposite.

All types of accounts can create job posts. Free accounts job postings go through the approval process and can’t contact job applicants unless they upgrade to a paid plan. Premium accounts can have 10 active job posts at a time while Free and Pro accounts are only limited to 3.
Free account goes through a moderation process, so tendency is that won’t enable you to see your own job post on the site. It’s most likely not on the first page rather a subsequent one, and Free job posts expire after 14 days.

You can edit your job posts once a week and have the post appear towards the top search results. You can opt to “boost” your post. You can set an own reply-to email on each job post. You can also opt to unsubscribe from receiving job applicants by clicking the “unsubscribe” link in your email. Furthermore, deactivation and deletion of a job post can be done on your “My Account” page.

Yes but we don’t recommend it. The reason why you need to recruit someone is exactly because you don’t have time, meaning you should recruit someone to do something you’re currently doing until you get some time back.




We’ve built IVA with them. They are family.











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