Structured courses

An array of easy-access courses are laid out ranging from novice to expert level. You can check the chart at any given time to find where you’re at and tackled courses will always be shown, so you won’t get lost.


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Learn a large variety of instruments

In correspondence with traditional academic backgrounds

We benchmark our courses on study cycles you’ll find in a regular Music Conservatory or Academy

imusic-school’s learning method

Learning tools

Lessons are divided into a series of short videos which are easy to assimilate. Each clip discusses a specific topic so you can practice, even re-watch before moving to the next.

A structured learning method

It’s essential to know what level you are currently in, so you can easily seek the content appropriate to your level. This is why our materials are orchestrated into detailed courses and curriculum. Using the progress chart you can track which level you are in! We will also notify you of contents which you might find interesting based on your profile.

A user-friendly platform

We designed our platform specifically for learning music. Videos are automatically played chronologically and you can easily pick up where you last left off. You’ll further find all the tools you need in learning the instrument right at your fingertips.

Motivating content

To ensure a wholesome learning, we didn’t just choose the pieces you’ll study enjoyable but also with educational value to motivate you. Embark along our number of multitrack backing tracks.

Learn music theory on the go

There’s no shortcut to becoming an expert but the best way to learn music is to start playing: play right away while learning the theory as you go. Various music theories are presented for your specific instrument. Advanced courses which address theory and harmony can also be found.

Quality lessons

Everything has been carefully studied from the selection of teachers, video and media orchestration, sheet music, backing tracks or exercises, to ensure we provide quality learning experience.

Why learn music online?

Online courses offer both flexibility and feasibility making it easier to learn and practice an instrument. It offers a vast access to knowledge at a friendly cost and detaches the limits of time and place. You can also choose the teacher you want and learn wherever and whenever you desire!

An unbeatable price

Made possible by our friendly price subscription we’re able to democratize learning. For only a dozen of euros per month, you’ll have unlimited access to our instruments, styles and teachers. You can opt online classes to accompany your physical classes.

Complement your physical music lessons

Physical levels often take half to an hour long per week. When the teacher isn’t present with you, you are learning your instrument alone and you can use our online courses at your disposal as often as you need.

Make your life easier

You can take your music lessons whenever you are available since there are no scheduled appointments.
You won’t have to go outside the comforts of your home, you’ll be able to save from transportation costs.

Our Package

We Have Great Answers

Ask Us Anything

Thank goodness for that, because many musicians were self-taught. You’ll find lots of examples around you, among famous artists and among the teachers and students of imusic-school.

>Even if you’re taking physical music lessons, your practice sessions remain essentially individual. What matters most is your motivation to play regularly. So the most important thing is to find the thing that motivates you, be it a teacher, a band, a song you really want to learn…

Are physical lessons better?
Of course! The teacher is there to answer your questions & analyze your mistakes. Physical lessons can be a source of rhythm and motivation to learn. But you have to find the right teacher and method that suits your project: do you want to learn to play for fun, to become a professional, play classical, jazz, pop or rock…?

We created imusic-school for those who don’t have the financial means to take physical classes, or for those who prefer to learn & express their musicality in a more intimate setting. Or for those who can’t find the teacher or method they’re looking for…

To compensate for the absence of a physical teacher, imusic-school offers an online forum where you can exchange with other students as well as with our team of teachers. You can also send us your questions and videos & we’ll give you feedback.

Combining online and physical lessons: the future of music education!
Studies and testimonies confirm it: the best way to learn is to combine physical classes with online courses. Many of our students also attend physical classes on the side.

During the week, students will often find a way to figure out things they didn’t understand during their physical lesson. The ability to use several approaches can unlock your understanding and mastery! Students will also find a way to enjoy themselves by playing or studying different styles, or different pieces than the ones learned in class.

More and more teachers and schools are evolving and using this complementary method. To make the physical lesson a moment of exchange and interactivity, more and more teachers ask their students to consult our online courses. Professional schools such as Music Academy International even advise their future students to follow our courses before looking to enter their Academy.
A school like INM offers its students voice lessons using our platform.

Yes. You will also be able to create up to 5 different musical profiles. For example: guitar, piano, vocals, drums, bass. This allows you to practice several instruments, & also allows your whole family to benefit from your access. From each of your profiles you’ll be able to access the whole catalog. For example: if you created a Guitar profile, you can still access the Studio content or the Song content by clicking on the “View catalog” button.

There is no set age for learning music & we strive to produce content that caters to all ages.
We created a section especially for children from ages 4 to 9 years old, in order to introduce them to music.
However, the majority of our content is aimed at students who can manage on their own. A large part of our students have active lives, and find in imusic-school a way to realize their dream of learning an instrument or resuming a musical activity that they had to put on hold because of work or studies.
Our courses can be used from the age of 14, or even from 11 years old if the child is independent & motivated. For younger children who want to practice music, we recommend taking physical classes, or being accompanied by a parent who can follow them in their online progression.
We are working on developing a special offer for these younger musicians, so stay tuned!

If you have any questions about our school, don’t hesitate to call us or send us a message on or on our facebook page. You’ll get access to many different teachers, different teaching styles & instruments. If you don’t like a course, you can easily change it in your learning space!

We strive to make our clients happy

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