White Label Services

IVA gives you the ability to set up your own ready-made virtual assistant agency!

IVA enables you to set up your own ready-made virtual assistant agency!

Our white label services help you to design a turnkey VA agency of your own which means you can make recurring hourly income with clients you bring in — and at whatever profit margin you desire.

Here’s how this works: First you need to set up your own brand for a virtual assistant agency and set whatever hourly rate you want. Per say $8/hour

Then you’d use your network, your blog, your email list, paid ads, or whatever other method you want to bring in clients for your VA agency. Once you have a client, you’ll loop us in and we take care of the rest:

  • Recruiting and interviewing top-notch English-speaking VAs
  • Setting the client up with the perfect VA from our pool of hundreds of qualified workers
  • Managing payments with the client via automatic weekly withdrawals (so you never have to hassle them for money)
  • Paying the VAs per week and handle international money transfers
  • Depositing money in your account automatically

Your earnings are the result between the difference th rate you set for your clients and the rate we charge. iWorker charges a flat rate of $5.95/hour for white label services. So if you set a rate of $7.95 USD/hour for virtual assistant services for your clients, your earnings are $2/hour for the lifetime of that client. We pay out to you every two weeks via Paypal.

There are two setup options for our white label services.


(free – if approved)
  • Preferential access to our top VAs
  • Biweekly payouts via Paypal of your earnings
  • Photos of our workers you can use for your website or advertising materials
  • Ongoing support from John Miles, our co-founder and successful multi-entrepreneur
  • 24/7 customer service for your clients


  • We’ll provide you with a full suite of additional support so that you can maximize the success of your VA agency. This package includes everything in our Silver Package plus:
  • Website construction. A website developer on our team will dedicate up to 15 hours to build you a beautiful website for your VA agency. (Market value: $2500)
  • Dedicated business adviser. You’ll be connected with a high-level American entrepreneur and business consultant who has built multiple 7-figure businesses. He’ll help guide you in how to get started, how to gain and retain clients, and in how to scale your agency. Ongoing support via Skype and email will be provided during the first month to help you succeed.
  • Lead generation training videos. Access a series of proprietary training videos with key insights and techniques for lead generation that our biggest white label partners have used to build highly successful VA agencies.



We’ve built IVA with them. They are family.











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